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Open Enrollment for 2020 Heath Plans begins November 1, 2019 and runs through January 15, 2020. Login to your portal to learn about how to renew your health plan for 2020 or visit Connect for Health Colorado ( if you enrolled through the health insurance exchange.

If you need health insurance to begin before January 1, 2020, please call us at 800-475-8466.

You will need to qualify for a Special Enrollment Period to start your insurance before January 1, 2020. To qualify, you need to have a Qualifying Life Event. Some examples include:

In the last 60 days, you:
• Got married or divorced
• Gave birth to or adopted a baby, or took placement of a child in foster care
• Moved to a new home in a new zip code or county
• Lost qualifying health coverage, or expect to lose it in within the next 60 days
• See list of all Qualifying Life Events (link to PDF that’s on current shopping portal)

You will need to provide documentation of your Qualifying Life Event before Friday will approve your application for health insurance. Please send your documentation to after you have enrolled.

Please call us at 800-475-8466;

Check out your plans here: